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Our Team and Contact

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OneWorld-Platform for Southeast Europe (OWPSEE)

E-mail: info@oneworldsee.org


Facebook: oneworld - platform for southeast europe (owpsee)

OWPSEE team consists of committed professionals and civil society activists. It functions as a horizontal organization, where legal roles are appointed in a functional logic. All decision relevant to the organizational and strategical management are discussed together.

Management area

valentina (hvale) pellizzer, overall management and leadership - valentina.pellizzer@oworldsee.org -

activist, feminist, migrant, queer, writer/blogger from April 2006 executive directress of owpsee. In 1994 went to Croatia, Rijeka to manage a relief project in collaboration with local women organizations supporting displaced and refugee people. This experience was a turning point and I remained in Western Balkans coordinating relief programs and, later on, development programs in Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina; where I live since September 1999. Second turn 2003, leaving international development world and move toward a local innovative experience that is today the owpsee platform. In the last nine years my passions: politics, active resistance and the internet have guided me to build up my knowledge and practices around the intersection of women/gender(s) and ICT; ICT advocacy/policy and social research.
As an active users and advocate of FLOSS and the Commons I initiated the practitioner network of Digital Story Telling (DST) for transformation in SEE, and facilitate DST in Italy and Pakistan; contribute to develop, localize and implement media and ict trainings on citizen/advocacy journalism, diversity reporting, online safety. Author of Global Information Society Watch (2007-11) and European Social Watch (2009-10) BiH Country reports.
In my spare time I like to study and in this way accomplished several courses on Internet Law program (2004); Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) 2008; Multistakeholder Diplomacy (2009), ICT policy, Internet Governance, e-Voting and e-Participation (Diplo Foundation 2010-11), eLeadership, eInclusion 2010. As member of Zena Zenama (BiH) I coordinated and mentoring the Women's study Course 2010-11. Currently serving pro bono as vice-chair at the global civil society organization and network Association for Progressive Communication, and Akcija Gradjana a BiH based grassroot organization. As of 2013, board member of Association for Women's Rights in Development AWID. Founder of first feminist, alternative web portal in Bosnia and Herzegovina ženskaposla.ba.

Future focus: EngageMind(s), zenskaposla.ba, online feminist-queer studies, my twins, my partner, my family, my friends and myself.

valida hromadžić, finance and administrationvalida.hromadzic@oneworldsee.org

belma kučukalić, new media and communications coordinator - belma.kucukalic@oneworldsee.org


Programs Area

dejan georgievski, information and knowledge - dejan.georgievski@oneworldsee.org Born in 1971. Formative years spent in his home-town of Sveti Nikole, where he completed elementary and secondary education. His pursuit of rock and sports stardom failed miserably. Earned a degree in English Language and Literature instead. Soaked in the idea of global revolution from the earliest age, but later revised his position slightly and became democratic socialist. Worked for the imperialist powers for a number of years, but escaped that predicament successfully, and moved to the less lucrative but more satisfying life in the civic journalism sector. Likes American bands and kung fu films. Can be seen zooming around Skopje and Sveti Nikole on his bicycle, or zooming in his car around the Balkans. Lived in Sarajevo for couple of years. Lives and works in Skopje, but would move again, provided there is sufficient reason and room for his guitars.


aida mahmutović, internet rights coordinator - aida.mahmutovic@oneworldsee.org

luan ibraj - luan.ibraj@oneworldsee.org

sanela gojak -   sanela.gojak@oneworldsee.org Born in Sarajevo. Graduated at the Department of Journalism at Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo. Worked as journalist for agency BH PRESS (FENA), sports section of RTV BiH, daily newspaper Oslobođenje and Ministry of Internal Affairs (administrative work). As of May 2012 working for OWPSEE.


For information write to: info@oneworldsee.org or Skype us at: owpsee.foundation

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Our initiatives

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  • APC's reflections on the 2015 Internet Governance Forum: 10 years and looking forward
  • APC condemns undermining of democracy in Brazil
  • EXLILA: What is the state of internet freedoms in Latin America?
  • Updated: APC at RightsCon 2016

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