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Our Initiatives

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All projects, initiatives, events we develop, promote and implement respond to our two working areas: Information & Knowledge, Networking & Regional Cooperation. Each of our initiatives happens at least in two places and one of these is the virtual space of internet.

www.oneworldsee.org, more than an information gateway Oneworldsee.org is a regional news portal for the civil society and non-governmental organizations in Southeast Europe. In addition to the latest news from the civil sector, activities of non-governmental organizations and other governmental, political and economic actors that influence the development of civic society and democratization in the region, the portal offers comments on current events and interviews with prominent civic and non-governmental activists, information about planned activities, conferences, campaigns, events, fundings opportunities, etc.

Knowledge declined with openness and gender Digital Story Telling pratictioner network A great methodology and a great knowledge exchange from South Africa to Western Balkans Country. A network of facilitators from croatia, bosnia-herzegovina, serbia, macedonia. The first handbook in b-h-s. A powerful tool to deconstruct genders, discrimination where the stories are told by storyteller using audio and video editing themselves. An individual path from discrimination to empowerment for a collective recognition, … and the story continue Migration to FLOSS Doing what we preach, a pilot project in Kosov@ with a volunteer partner organization that decided to move from use of proprietary operative systems and application to the FLOSS community, as final result an online handbook to use in albanian, b-h-s.

Exploring social research and evaluation Global Information Society Watch a route from advocacy to policy. A collaborative project and a global initiative that bring civil society perspective on Information Society scene. Gender Evaluation Methodology, practising and promoting evaluation, gender and ICT in the Western Balkan context. The first regional training organized in the Balkans, in October 2007 in Sarajevo with participants from Kosov@, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

Campaigns and Collaborative initiatives Take Back the Tech! campaign, calls women and girls to take control of technology to tell our own stories, create our own testimonies, represent ourselves and shape our own narratives about the violence that women and girls face all over the world.
Map it! initiative is part of the Take Back the Tech! campaign. It is a collaborative effort by campaigners in different parts of the world to document, tell our stories and build a body of evidence on violence against women that takes place online, or through the use of information and communication technologies like mobile phones and the internet.
The map is initiated by the Association for Progressive Communications, and built by the following organisations and collectives: OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe (OWPSEE); Colnodo, Argentina, Rede Mulher, Brazil;  Take Back the Tech! Lebanon, Lebanon; Bytes for All, Pakistan; WeDpro, Philippines; Women's Legal Bureau (WLB), Philippines; Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), Uganda

External Services respond to owpsee values and crosscutting themes too Powering sustainable schemes: Alternative Tourism Route www.travellingbalkans.net is a multilingual platform develop and powered by owpsee. The portal is unique in its genre and is a focal point for Sustainable/Alternative Tourism in the Balkans. It intends to inform and serve communities of visitors, tourists and tour operators interested to be aware of and care for the Earth.

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Our initiatives

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  • Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 35th session
  • APC celebrates Africa Day with roundtable addressing human rights and the internet
  • Access and Power: APC at the Stockholm Internet Forum 2017
  • What is the relationship between access and power? APC at the Stockholm Internet Forum 2017
  • Did Facebook finally figure out that consent is more important than nipples?

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  • Prva godina Škole LGBTI aktivizma!