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Journalistic Awards for 2015 go to Erol Rizaov, Mende Mladenovski and Team of Mediapedia Project

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The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) presented, in a ceremony held on February 10, 2015, at the Journalists’ Club in Skopje, the winners of journalistic awards for lifetime achievement “Krste Misirkov” and the “Jashar Erebara” award for annual achievement in the area of investigative report.

Erol Rizaov got AJM's lifetime achievement award (Photo Dejan GeorgievskiErol Rizaov got AJM's lifetime achievement award (Photo Dejan Georgievski

The lifetime achievement award went to Erol Rizaov, one of the biggest names of Macedonian journalism today. He spent his 38 years long career as reporter, editor and commentator first at “Nova Makedonija” daily, and then, for the past 16 years, at “Utrinski vesnik”, the daily he found and in which he held the position of director and editor-in-chief.

For a number of years now, Rizaov has been writing daily, in his columns  “I reckon…” and “My angle”, both among the best read columns in Macedonian newspapers and the internet.

Professor Gruevski with Saška Cvetkovska and Vlado Apostolov from MediaPedia (Photo Dejan Georgievski)Professor Gruevski with Saška Cvetkovska and Vlado Apostolov from MediaPedia (Photo Dejan Georgievski)

The “Jashar Erebara” award for investigative journalism was presented to Saška Cvetkovska, Vladо Apostolov and Meri Jordanovska for their “Mediapedia” Project, and the Bitola correspondent for “Nova Makedonija” daily, Mende Mladenovski.

The “Mediapedia” Project explores the ownership structure of Macedonian media. With their work on the project, Cvetkovska, Jordanovska and Apostolov exposed the finer details of ownership structure in Macedonian media, primarily online news-sites, in the effort to answer the question whose interests the media serve – the interests of centres of power or the interests of the citizens of Macedonia.

Tome Gruevski presents the award to Mende Mladenovski (Photo Dejan Georgievski)Tome Gruevski presents the award to Mende Mladenovski (Photo Dejan Georgievski)

Mladenovski won the award for a series of reports on the situation in local healthcare system in Bitola, after one person died at the local hospital because of mistreatment and wrong therapy.

The lifetime achievement award was presented by Tomislav Kežarovski, the AJM Vice-President. The awards for investigative journalism were presented by Tome Gruevski, professor at Skopje University’s Faculty of Journalism.

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