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Consultancy services

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Consultancy services are final products ready to be implemented in various organizations and institutions and they are founded on agglomerate of personal expertises and experiences of owpsee team members in different sectors. We are ready to provide with these services partners, non-partnering organizations and institutions both in in-house as well as an exterior contractor.

Here is the list of the most common ones:

Web assessment: We focus on participatory process to identify, together with the client, the right application and media, aiming at user friendly interfaces, sustainability and accessibility

Platform development: Working with group to identify openly organized system where grousp can promote, support, articulate and give visibility to their own core and crosscutting themes

Facilitation: We work with group process to ensure individuals in the group express need and expectation and achieve a high degree of consensus.

Advise: Face-to-face work with groups or individuals to offer advice, stimulation, and tools on media, gender, information and communication technologies

Evaluation and Research: Civil society and practitioners perspective to research on ICT related issues and SEE region crosscutting themes Project, program evaluation is provide using the most suitable methodology to client

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Our initiatives

13 Principles


  • “Take Back the Tech! has always been a celebration of women and tech”
  • UNHRC: Resolution reaffirming human rights online adopted
  • APC signs letter supporting Internet Steering Committee of Brazil
  • "The ICT sector should be driving global discussion about respect for human rights in the private sector"
  • “The African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms is just an instrument, but quite an important one"

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