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Civil NGO: Election Contest was Utterly Dirty, Irregular, Unfair and Undemocratic

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Democracy in Macedonia was disqualified, claims the latest publication of the Civil – Centre for Freedom, the publication Elections 2014: Democracy Disqualified, promoted last Tuesday, July 8, 2014, at the GEM Club in Skopje’s Old Bazaar.

Civil's Xhabir Deralla gives a statement to the press under the watchful gaze of the authorities (Photo Dejan Georgievski)

“We wanted to show, in the spirit of the ongoing Football World Cup, that a match was played in Macedonia, too, a match that was utterly dirty, utterly irregular, unfair and undemocratic”, said Xhabir Deralla, president of Civil – Centre for Freedom, in a statement for the press.

The publication includes a report and analysis of the electoral process and the general political situation in the country, analyses of the legal aspects of noted irregularities, the media reporting and propaganda. The publication also offers detailed on the methodology applied by Civil NGO in the project and the organisations influence in the online space.

The publication was co-authored by Sašo Ordanoski, Xhabir Deralla, Sandra Gavrilovska, Meri Jordanovska, Petar Stojković. A team of collaborators composed of member of Civil’s project team  was also involved in the production of the publication.

The promotion was accompanied by an exhibition of artefacts used by Civil in the monitoring of the Elections, an exhibition of illustrations used in the publication, drawn by graphic artist Igor Stevkovski – Stevac. The exhibition was designed in cooperation with Filip Jovanovski and Nikola Pisarev. An excerpt from a documentary by Faik Grbović, Macedonian film-maker who, for the past two decades, is based in Lodon, UK.

The publication is also available on DVD, in Macedonian, Albanian and English language, together with a daily log of events related to the Macedonian Elections, and 42 video stories and photographs that document Civil’s activities implemented under the project.

The publication Elections 2014: Democracy Disqualified is available for downloading on the website of Civil – Centre for Freedom.

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