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AJDE Platform: Democracy is More than Just Voting in Elections

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Last Tuesday, December 23, 2014, the citizens gathered in the Platform for Civic Politics AJDE sat in 123 chairs that they put between the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and the monument to ASNOM across the street and sent a message to the MPs and the government that the citizens are the source of sovereignty and that democracy is more than just voting in elections.

AJDE Platform's activists and citizens in front of the Assembly of Macedonia (Photo: Dejan Georgievski/oneworldsee.org)AJDE Platform's activists and citizens in front of the Assembly of Macedonia (Photo: Dejan Georgievski/oneworldsee.org)

“True democracy is impossible to achieve without active united citizens! We join our forces today to restore freedom, democracy and social justice in the Republic of Macedonia”, states the declaration of the AJDE Platform.

The declaration adds that politics belong to the citizens, united free-minded individuals with different views and ideas. The Platform states that it is open to all who share the values it promotes.

“Every voice, view and democratic effort is equally important. We don't aim to be unisone. Every, even the smallest struggle against injustice is our struggle that we support, appreciate and promote. Solidarity is our guiding light. We wan't to strengthen and unite the dispersed democratic forces in the country. We don't wan't to monopolize the space for action. We call to a wide mobilisation to wake up the hope and the courage of the people“, adds the declaration that calls on the citizens to join the struggle against usurpers of freedom and democracy.

Petrit Sarachini speaks in front of the Assembly of RM (Photo: Dejan Georgievski/oneworldsee.org)Petrit Sarachini speaks in front of the Assembly of RM (Photo: Dejan Georgievski/oneworldsee.org)

Activists Marjan Zabrčanec, Artan Sadiku, Biljana Ginova, Elizabeta Sekirarska, Akif Kariman, Petrit Saračini and Slavčo Dimitrov addressed the citizens in front of the Assembly.

This action of the AJDE Platform marked the 2nd anniversary of the events of December 24, 2012, when opposition MPs and journalists were forcibly expelled from the Assembly’s plenary hall before the start of the debate on the 2014 Budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

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