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UNDP Presented Anti-Corruption Media Stories Awards

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The UN Development Programme in Kosovo (UNDP Kosovo) presented, on December 9, 2013, the 8th annual Awards for Best Journalistic Stories that contribute to the fight against corruption in Kosovo, published or aired over the past year.

The Winners of the 2013 Awards for Anti-Corruption Media Reporting (Photo UNDP Kosovo)

The 2013 Awards went to Jehona Zhitia from Radio and Television of Kosovo (RTK) for the Best TV Story; Serbeze Haxhiaj from Radio Kosova for Best Radio Story; Parim Olluri from Jeta në Kosovë for Best Online Story. The jury decided to present two awards for print (newspaper) story which went to Selvije Bajrami from Zëri daily and Vehbi Kajtazi from Koha Ditore daily newspaper.

The Awards aim to recognize the tireless effort of journalists to expose corruption issues and are presented on the International Anti-Corruption Day.

The Association of Professional Journalists of Kosovo (APJK), the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency (KAA) and UNDP Kosovo have collaborated in the fight against the corruption in Kosovo, a process in which the media have always played a crucial role. (Source: UNDP Kosovo)

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