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Trainings that owpsee delivers are aimed to improve knowledge of ICT technologies within civil society in the region, to develop or to improve skills on how to communicate to or through media and to raise awareness on certain social, media, political and or human rights issues. Training modules are developed independently or adapted in cooperation with the famous training networks such as are Association for Progressive Communication (APC), Amarc, Media Diversity Institute (MDI) etc.

Our trainings developped around media and information and communication technologies addressing specific issues/themes are:

  • Media
    • traditional reporting
    • diversity reporting
    • advocacy journalism
    • radio reporting
  • Information and communication technologies
    • visual methods (digital story telling, data visualization, participatory video)
    • writing for the web
    • gender & ICTs
    • online-safety
    • migrating to Free Libre Open Source Software (OS Linux & applications)


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Our initiatives

13 Principles


  • Balancing rights and interests: Best practices to counter online abuse and violence
  • Submission in advance of the consideration of the periodic report of South Africa, Human Rights Committee
  • Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 31st session
  • Internet Freedom Festival, a civil society response to censorship and surveillance
  • EMPOWER Malaysia: "The best way to counter alleged misinformation is more information"

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