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owpsee foundation focuses on two program areas. They draw on two main types of activities. One is online work and ICT development while the other set of activities is concentrated on field work with real people within the civil society organizations. We at owpsee belive that neither of these activities could be our only focus as it would lose the richness, diversity and vividness of our users-partners being them organizations, individuals or not-formal groups.

Owpsee foundation has it's own ICT development department that takes care that all of our online activities are catching up with the latest trends in technology as well as to give the best possible technological answer to the needs of civil society in the region. Their needs and expectation are collected carefully through field work with organizations and enriched with our own experience got by the organization settled in one of the regional countries.

Field work is organized in both developing networks among civil society as well as delivering trainings in certain areas of organizations' expectations. Foundation has the training team which is committed to development and/or adaptation of training curricula and their implementations.

The best possible connection between these two departments is the information one, which works on multi-directional transfer of information.


Both online and face to face field works found their basis primarily in owpsee mission and values. So, the real basis for dealing with technological challenges is found in share and share alike philosophy of the open source software and independent systems formula. The field work is thouth as an interactive system of building upon, typical of open and collaborative communities . We localize, customize existing documents and modules that are offered under CreativeCommons' mode of licensing or free for further distribution and create our own in absence of appropriate material. The outcome is almost always under or GNU or CreativeCommons license system, including software, training material and handbooks.


Organized this way owpsee foundation succeeded in creating various products ready to offer to partners and non-partner organizations. There are three main groups of service products:

1. Partners oriented services

2. Trainings

3. Consultancy services

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Our initiatives

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