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Sarajevo Innovation Lab 2012 Opens

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The Innovation Lab 2012, an event that gathered close to a hundred journalists, activists, students, programmers, desighers, photographers, artists and other interested individuals working together to develop new innovative solutions to respond to identified social needs and problems, opened yesterday, June 28, 2012, at the Grand Hotel in Sarajevo.

Sue Folger from Internews BiH and Valentina Pellizzer from OneWorldSEE at the opening ceremony (Photo Dejan Georgievski)Sue Folger from Internews BiH and Valentina Pellizzer from OneWorldSEE at the opening ceremony (Photo Dejan Georgievski)

The representatives of the organizers, Sue Folger from the Internews Office in BiH and Valentina Pellizzer, executive directress of the Foundation OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe, greeted the participants of the Innovation Lab and wished them successful work in the development of their ideas for implementation of positive social change through use of new media.

In the first series of presentations, Zoja Bajbutović from SpyPixel talked about the problem of user experience and usability, her colleague from SpyPixel Dan Brickley discussed the free things available on the Internet and how to use them, while Saša Madacki from the Centre for Human Rights talked about research and information search strategies.

The opening lectures were followed by presentations of the ten ideas that will be developed in the Innovation Lab by representatives of the ten respective teams.

The Innovation Lab programme, organized by the Internews Office in BiH and the Foundation OneWorld, aims to raise public awareness about the potentials of technological tools to strenthen the media and their capacities to offer reliable and valid information to the citizens who, better informed, can demand from governing bodies to take responsibility for their actions and react to various events and developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Live streams, the presentations and other information are available on the website of the Innovation Lab 2012.

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