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Montenegro Pride held: LGBT Community is Not Invisible Any More

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The first Pride Parade in Podgorica, the Montenegro Pride, was held today, October 20, 2013, in Podgorica. In spite of substantial security measures, the Police that secured the Pride clashed with its opponents.

First Pride in Podgorica held. Huge police presence didn't prevent clashes with opponents of the pride (Photo cdm.me)

The Pride, held under the motto “Montenegro with Pride”, started at 11:00 hours at the crossroads in front of former Hotel “Crna Gora”, and the procession moved through the Sveti Petar Cetinjski Boulevard to the old building of the Government of Montenegro.

Pobjeda daily reports that about one hundred participants in the first Pride had to be evacuated by the Police after the end of the protest walk, because there was no other way to ensure their safety.

The Portal24.me news-site reports that 20 police officers were injured in the clashes with opponents of the Pride, who threw Molotov cocktails and stones at them. The Pride was protected by 2,000 Police officers.

Stevan Milivojević, the executive Director of the LGBT Forum Progress, told Slobodnaevropa.org site that after Budva, this gathering in Podgorica proved that there is place for the LGBT community in Montenegro and that the Government, with the support it provided to the Montenegro Pride, demonstrated true, not just declarative support in the struggle for the LGBT rights.

The Government of Montenegro supported the holding of the Pride and Minister of Human and Minority Rights Sead Numanović and the Advisor to the Prime Minister for Prevention of Discrimination Jovan Kojičić were part of today’s protest walk. The Head of the EU Delegation to Podgorica Mitja Drobnič, the Dutch Ambassador Laurent Luis Stokvil, representatives of many political parties and NGOs from Montenegro and the region also participated in the Pride.

Minister Numanović said that Montenegro proved, with the holding of the Pride, that it was a country that respects human rights.

It should be noted that yesterday, October 19, 2013, after many threats directed at him through the social networks, a prominent member of the LGBT Forum Progress was attacked in front of his home in Podgorica.

The first gay pride in Montenegro was held on July 24 this year in Budva. It was also accompanied by fierce clashes between the police and its opponents.

The organizers of the Montenegro Pride said that they consider the Pride a success and added that it meant that, from now on, the LGBT persons in Montenegro will not be invisible.

The next Pride has been announced for June 2014. godine. (Sanela Gojak)

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