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MANS Demanded from President Vujanović to Sign the Adopted Changes of Electoral Legislation

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The MANS non-governmental organisation demanded, on February 18, 2014, from the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović to sign all laws adopted on February 17, 2014, and above all the supplements to the Law on Financing of Political Parties so that they can enter into force as soon as possible.

“Now that the Parliament of Montenegro has adopted the changes and supplements to the Law on Financing of Political Parties and other relevant electoral legislation, we see no further obstacles for President Vujanović to sign them and allow for the protective mechanisms incorporated in the newly adopted legislation to be applicable in the coming local elections”, MANS said in a statement that was signed by Vuk Maraš, the head of the Monitoring Programme.

MANS believes that the new Law will prevent the “buying" of votes that DPS implemented in previous election cycles through abuse of public funds, state money and employment in state administration in order to secure greater political influence and more votes for the party.

“An adequate and consistent implementation of the new Law will allow all participants in elections equal conditions and will prevent the ruling party from further unscrupulous exploitation that it controls most of the employees in the state institutions that dispose of budgets that could be used to "procure" votes on the ground", MANS said, adding that the new Law should prevent the distribution of one-time welfare payments, donations and loans, or write off of power, water, communal services bills, taxes and other fees and dues.

MANS also praised the increased competences for the State Electoral Commission which was given the legal responsibility and competences to process and sanction all abuses of those who aim to gain votes for their parties in illegal manner.

MANS believes there is no reason to postpone the start of implementation of the adopted legislation, especially in view of the fact that it is necessarz to restore the confidence in the electoral process shaken, according to the association, by the decision of ruling DPS and one opposition party desided to take down, in the Parliament session on February 18, the Law on Election of MPs and Municipal Councils, and the fact that trust building is one of the key foreign policy priorities for Montenegro. (Source: MANS)

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