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Lustration and Citizen Governance

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Valentina Pellizzer, executive directress of the Foundation OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe, presented her own list of demands to BiH government after the social and civic rebellion last week in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following is the full text of her demands, originally published on the Ženskaposla.ba website.

A lady writes "Thieves" on the Government building during last weeks protestsA lady writes "Thieves" on the Government building during last weeks protests

As a citizen, pacifist and feminist that has taken to the streets in protest all my life, as someone who has cried in 2008 over the fate of Denis Mrnavac and who was called part of a "mob" by the corrupt and selfish establishment, I continued, in a "dignified" manner, to devote my time, passion and trust to the #JMBG movement in 2013.

It is because of my indestructible trust in human rights and in citizens of this country that I am convinced that politicians now have only one option - shut up and leave. But not leave BiH like Lipovača did, but leave their offices and positions!

These are my demands:
1.    The whole “nomenclature" of the Federation and the cantons should resigne and continue working, without pay or other compensations, in a technical capacity, until the citizens organize a new citizens' government.
2.    They need to stop the arrests - the Police is not the solution that we need now. It is them that are responsible, they led and they escaped yesterday and they should STOP with their inflammatory rhetoric. We don’t trust them.
3.    Violence should stop; Violence is not a solution.
4.    Politicians should immediately cease all the pathetic talk about the destruction of public good and property by frustrated citizens. It was them who abused the same public good and property for 20 years for their own private and criminal purposes.
5.    All politicians that feel even a semblance of responsibility should leave the positions of collusion with their parties and take the side of the citizens. They need to serve the will of the citizens, not their incompetent and ignorat leaders!
6.    I aks the international factor to stop talking to politicians, thus providing them with legitimacy.
7.    As for OHR, since it is obvious that it can't guarantee a single of the annexes to the Dayton Agreement, it would be nice of them to "volunteer" to open its building to us and to ensure that the salaries of the people there will finally be used for the benefit of this country and not to benefit the "false democracy".

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