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HCABL Condemned the Latest Attempt to Discredit CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly Banja Luka condemned yesterday, March 5, 2014, the attempt to discredit the CSOs „Oštra Nula“ and „Slobodna republika“ in the article printed on the front-page of yesterday's edition of „Glas Srpske“ daily. 

HCABL believes that the article, titled „They Planned to Burn Down BORS and Administration of Eastern Sarajevo“, is completely unprofessional, presenting a series of false accusations against the two NGOs on basis of unnamed sources and without presenting the views or giving the other side a chance to present its positions.

„The article is a continuation of the unprecedented unscrupulous party propaganda by the Union of Independent Social Democrats (the ruling party in the Republic of Srpska) that continues, free of any sanctions, to abuse he public and media space in RS and BiH“, HACBL says. 

They add that it was the highest time for the ruling parties to stop with the unfounded accusations against NGOs, noting the case of the publication „Undermining the Republic of Srpska – Theory and Technology of the Coup“, which lists the names of non-governmental organisations, media and individuals labeled as destroyers of the constitutional order of the Republic of Srpska. 

„This campaign aims to silence all critical thought, especially the criticism aimed at holders of power and to avert the public attention from the true burning problems of unemployment, poverty, corruption and nepotism“, HCABL says in a statement for the public.

HCABL invited all associations of journalists and nongovernmental associations that monitor media freedoms to condemn strongly such actions and to expose those responsible to the court of pubic opinion and bring them to justice in legal procedure. (Source: HCABL)

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