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ENGAGE Conference for Social Media and Activism in Macedonia

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The first ENGAGE Media and Activism Conference, organized by the Youth Education Forum and Radio MOF will be held on February 20, 2012, at “Frosina” Theatre of Skopje’s Youth Cultural Centre.

Engage ConferenceEngage Conference

The ENGAGE Conference will focus on the positive experiences from renowned activists from Macedonia and the region which use Internet as a platform for civic mobilization. ENGAGE is focused on interaction and discussion with the present guests with a common goal – to protect and promote the freedom of the Internet and public space.

ENGAGE will also feature the Macedonian premiere of The Real Social Network, a movie dedicated to the student protests in London in 2011 and the use of digital communications to organize them.

With 15 speakers, 10 performers, 200 guests, audio and video streaming and free wireless internet access for all participants, ENGAGE will present a virtual and physical gathering of the online community in Macedonia.

Through ENGAGE, Radio MOF aims to raise the level of awareness among citizens, their presence and active participation in the sphere of social media as well as physical space. Radio MOF will enable a live video steam on its web page on the day of the conference.

For additional information on the ENGAGE Conference, visit the website of the MOF Radio (in Macedonian). (Source: Mladi Info).

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