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Civic Initiatives Presented the Mladgrad 2013 Awards

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The local self-governments of Pirot and Priboj, and Duško Krstić, founder of youth.rs website and activist from Obrenovac, are the winners of the annual MLADGRAD 2013 Award, presented yesterday, August 13, 2013, by the Civic Initiatives.

Civic Initiatives Presented the MLADGRAD Awards Civic Initiatives Presented the MLADGRAD Awards

Special awards recognizing their overall contributions to the improved status of youth were presented to the municipalities of Ivanjica and Raška, the Bečej Youth Association and Astronomy Society “Eureka" from Kruševac. The special awards for advancement of status of young people from vulnerable groups went to the Municipality of Zvezdara (Belgrade) and the “Pirot E Publika” association.

“The MLADGRAD award presented today recognizes those persons and entities who have made important steps towards creation of strategic partnerships between local institutions and the youth, and inclusion of youth in adoption of decision-making processes on issues of importance to them and to the local community. The practices established by those local administrations, organizations and individuals should be an example that others should follow”, said Dubravka Velat, Civic Initiatives executive director.

The MLADGRAD Award aims to encourage individual citizens, local self-governments and organizations to engage in efforts to improve and advance the status of youth in their communities. Recognizing their successes, on International Youth Day, the MLADGRAD Award promotes the importance of the work to improve the status of youth on local and national levels.

The MLADGRAD award is presented in three categories: local self-governments that achieved improvement of status of youth in the local community; local self-governments that allocated public space or facilities to youth initiatives; and organizations, informal groups or individuals who made a contribution to improved cooperation between local administrations and the youth. Special awards in recognition of major contributions of status of youth from vulnerable groups are awarded in each of the three categories.

The MLADGRAD 2013 award is presented in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Regional Development and Local Self-government of Serbia, with support by USAID and OSCE.

For more details and photos from the presentation ceremony, see the article published by Civic Initiatives and the MLADGRAD website. (Source: Civic Initiatives)

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