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CCE Opens Anti-Corruption SOS Line

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The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) opened, on November 3, 2013, a new anti-corruption SOS Line and invited the citizens and legal entities in Montenegro to report corruptive activities that fall into the scope of action of inspection authorities on the phone line 020/665-112.

Report corruption at 020/665 112Report corruption at 020/665 112

“The citizens of Montenegro increasingly recognize the social role of NGOs and their activities, and CCE wants to encourage them further to take personal action and report corruption cases and contribute to the success and efficiency of the work of the newly established Administration of Inspection Authorities in the area of the fight against corruption”, the Centre for Civic Education says.

The creation of the SOS line is one of the activities of the "Inspections against Corruption“ project that aims to monitor the activities and strengthen the capacities of the Administration of Inspection Authorities as an instrument designed to address the problems of corruption and negative practices in Montenegro.

“CCE will submit all received reports to the Administration of Inspection Authorities and will then follow the actions implemented to ensure that those reports were properly processed. All citizens of Montenegro will benefit from the increased accountability and capacity of the Administration in the area of prevention of corruption in its initial forms", CCE adds.

The SOS Line will augment the work already done in the field by the Administration of Inspection Authorities and will stimulate the citizens, who have greater confidence in the NGO sector than in the institutions of the state, to report corruption and illegal activities. Through improved work of the Administration of Inspection Authorities, the SOS line will contribute to restoration of citizens' confidence in the institutions of the state.

The citizens and the legal entities can report corruption directly to CCE at the phone number 020/665-112 (week days, 08:00-16:00 hours) and to the Administration of Inspection Authorities at 080/555-555 (the service is available 24/7).

The SOS Line is part of the “Inspections against Corruption” project, which is implemented under the auspices of the Criminal Justice Civil Society Programme (CJCSP) financed by the US Department of State. (Source: Centre for Civic Education)

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