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Zagreb: The March of Solidarity - Velo work

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Young anti-fascists and activists from the civil society organizations and citizens, on Saturday (16 November), gathered in March of solidarity procession held under the slogan "Velo work", and walked on the streets of Zagreb. The goal of the sixth March solidarity was to draw attention to the current labor law changes that are detrimental for workers.

"Media and political oligarchy assures us that workers are the ones who have major rights, underworked but asking for lot, hindering honest entrepreneurs and benevolent investors in effort to lead the country into a capitalist paradise," the organizers said in a statement.

The organizers further stated that, as a solution to the crisis situation in the society promotes more flexible labor market and savings, which among other things includes layoffs in the public sector, the lowering of wages and pensions, and privatization of assets. It is recognizable in the Review of the draft of new Labour Code, that behind euphorically proclaimed flexibility are actually legal grounds for the destruction of present working rights of public ownership, which ultimately leads to a transfer of wealth into the hands of the so-called "elite".

"In Croatia, unemployment reached over 20 percent, among young people over 50 percent, with meager pensions and minimum wages insufficient to survive, unresolved housings, the government as a solution to increase the standards proposed general sale of the economic substance of society expressed through the destruction of basic social infrastructure: hospitals, education and social services are presented as a luxury, and public companies as chips for poker machines," as said in the statement of March organizers, the young anti-fascists of Zagreb.

(Photo: dalje.com)

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