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Global and Local Networks

OWPSEE is member of two global networks: OneWorld.net and Association for Progressive communications. (APC) Together with them we share the value of diversity, critical visions and the power of information and communication technology for open, affordable and civic platforms. Together we connect global, regional, nationals and local audiences.

The OneWorld network spans five continents and produces content in 11 different languages, published across its international site, regional editions, and thematic channels. We bring together the latest news and views from over 1,600 organizations promoting human rights awareness and fighting poverty worldwide. Many of these are produced from the South to widen the participation of the world's poorest and most marginalised peoples in the global debate.

The APC network The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is both an international membership-based organisation, since 1990, and a global network of civil society organisations whose mission is to empower and support organisations, social movements and individuals in and through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Global initiative, campaings and collaborative projects make apc a vivid community where to learn and a great hub for advocacy and policy: Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch); APC women; TakeBackTheTech (TBTT) campaign, GenderIT, and Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM).

On local level, OWPSEE is member of Ženska mreža BiH and Mreža za izgradnju mira.

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Our initiatives

13 Principles


  • Balancing rights and interests: Best practices to counter online abuse and violence
  • Submission in advance of the consideration of the periodic report of South Africa, Human Rights Committee
  • Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 31st session
  • Internet Freedom Festival, a civil society response to censorship and surveillance
  • EMPOWER Malaysia: "The best way to counter alleged misinformation is more information"

Ženska posla

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  • Neka nam živi 8. mart!
  • Hollaback BiH: Dosta nasilja!
  • Beyoncé, “Beyoncé” i ja
  • Šta smo naučile u proteklih 16 dana? Dio II