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Montenegro: The first Pride Parade "Sea Side Pride" marked by riots,injuries and arrests...

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Despite the dissatisfaction of citizens, representatives of political parties and others, in Budva, on Wednesday (July 24) in front of the city walls of Old Town, Pride Parade "Sea Side Pride" was held, accompanied by stoning, offensive language, and injured.

 Bottom line of this walks in which besides the members of LGBT population, some representatives of the government attended, is a dozen arrested, about 20 injured and devastation of a number of restaurants. Of course, the set has been secured by a number of police officers.

During this walk the on streets of Budva, where participants of the first gay parade in Montenegro wore a rainbow-colored features, various objects were aimed on them, alonside the usage of smoke bombs.

Zdravko Cimbaljević, executive director of the LGBT Forum Progress in the name of organizators addressed the crowd in Budva saying that these events are "the true image of Montenegro" and added that he did not expect throwing "sticks and stones" on parade participants (kurir.rs).

Alexander Zeković, researcher of the human rights, addressing the audience, posted Montenegrian flag and said that this audience will be ashamed one day of this incident, as it is now ashamed of the nineties. (pobjeda.me).

"The security situation before, during and after these event, taking into account the minor incidents, was satisfactory, thanks to timely action of police officers", as said  from the Police headquarters (vijesti.me).

According to deputy Director of the Police Nicholas Janjusevic, about 20 persons was arrested, injured where from both sides, including the police.

Although it was previously announced, wednesday Budva Pride Parade wasn't attended by prime minister Milo Djukanovic, who in that time had the "Prime Minister's Hour" in parliament and answered questions from representatives. 

About 30 participants of the Pride Parade, who came by bus from Podgorica, were evacuated from the Old Town in ships for safety reasons, because they couldn't be ensured with safe passage through Budva.

LGBT Forum Progres previously addressed the public a press release in which they said that they met with serious obstruction in the final activities in the organization of the first Montenegrin Pride

(Photo: Vijesti.me)
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