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CEDEM Presents Four New Policy Papers

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The Centre for Democracy and Human Rights of Montenegro (CEDEM) presented yesterday, July 18, 2012, at the PR Centre in Podgorica, new policy papers on the right to efficient legal remedy; on the right to privacy; business capacities of persons with intellectual disabilities; and the right to public pronouncement of judgments.

Marija Vuksanović, Branka Lakoćević and Biljana Braithwaite at the presentation of the policy papers (Photo CEDEM)

The policy papers were prepared by CEDEM’s Rule of Law Department, in cooperation with experts of the AIRE Centre, with financial support from the British Embassy in Montenegro and the Open Society Foundation. The project is a part of a long-term programme implemented by CEDEM and the AIRE Centre which aims to contribute to the rule of law and equal access to justice for all citizens of Montenegro.

The policy paper on the right to privacy aims to present the possible violations of that right through practical implementation of the law and to launch and initiative for legislative changes, changes in practices, interpretation of constitutional and legal provisions and creation of an environment conductive to full respect of the right to privacy.

The paper offers expert findings on the legislative framework in the areas of privacy and data protection in Montenegro, as well as an overview of the European Convention on Human Rights and the acquis communautaire, in the provisions on protection of privacy.

The policy paper on efficient legal remedies focuses on the issue of (non)effectiveness of the instrument of Constitutional petition in the legal system in Montenegro and in European legal practice, and on recommendations that would bring about resolution to that issue.

Marija Vuksanović, Project Manager at CEDEM’s Rule of Law Department, Branka Lakočević, Assistant Minister of Justice and Human rights and Biljana Braithwaite, Programming Director at the AIRE Centra addressed the press at the presentation.

The four policy papers are available for download on the website of the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights. (Source: CRNVO/CEDEM)

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