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Bekim Fehmiu exhibition on tour – Belgrade, Sarajevo, Prishtinë, Prijedor and Prizren

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After last January's premiere in Pejë/Pec', the exhibition "Bekim Fehmiu - Bogatstvo izgubljeno u tišini/Pasuria e humbur në heshtje" has started its tour: Prishtinë/Priština, Prijedor, Sarajevo and Prizren. The exhibition will be open in Dom omladine Beograda 7th - 12th September. Starting from next autumn it will be available also in Italy.

Yugoslav movie and theater actor Bekim Fehmiu, one of the first Easter European actors of Albanian origin to gain success throughout Western Europe and the U.S., was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1936. He grew up in Shkodra (Albania) and Prizren (Kosovo). In 1956 he moved to Belgrade (Serbia) where he graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts. He gained popularity as Beli Bora in the movie Skupljaci Perja. Soon afterward Fehmiu began an international career, starring mostly in European productions, but also in the U.S..Despite success, in the late 1980s he announced his retirement from public life in Yugoslavia. Several years later he left his international career as well. This radical act of self-erasure was an act of protest against growing nationalism in former Yugoslavia. This silence was interrupted only in 2001 when his autobiography, /Brilliant and Terrifying,/ was published. In 2010 he committed suicide in Belgrade.

The project is promoted and organized by Associazione Trentino con I Balcani which has been working for over fifteen years with the communities of Prijedor (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Kraljevo (Serbia) and Pejë/Pec' (Kosovo). The event is possible also thanks to the work of the many volunteers and to the collaboration with all the institutions of these three territories where the Association works.

The project is part of a comprehensive programme that aims at promoting the common cultural heritage of these areas. It is based on the commitment of all participants in promoting dialogue and mutual exchange of experiences through an elaboration of the past for the sake of present and future. The research, the collection of material, as well as the elaboration of the idea of the exhibition, have been implemented by the volunteers involved in the project with the support of consultants.

For further information please contact: info@trentinobalcani.eu

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